Lost Kids

by Stick and Poke

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Matt thumbnail
Matt I randomly came across this album on Bandcamp and after seeing the fascinating album art I was immediately intrigued. Once I heard the first song, "Teeth On A String" I knew I had found something amazing. Favorite track: Teeth On A String.
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KJTrujillo I love a little drop of poison! Favorite track: Poison.
2Karl Tessier-Ashpool
2Karl Tessier-Ashpool thumbnail
2Karl Tessier-Ashpool Disocvered this album by accident, bought it almost immediately. I was planning on writing a similar song to "Youthcrew" in my band a while back - we're hardcore, but only I'm straightedge, and we all get on fine. the edge movement;'s pretty dead in the UK, but there's still militant dicks over here. But anyway the whole album is flipping brill, and evoked a whiole range of emotions in me. People, buy this album, do it. DO IT. Favorite track: I Don't Like Love Songs, But I Like You.
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Gratitude and thanks go to: Our parents for supporting us beyond belief and pulling us through in dire situations, Joe Sims, the Billy Christopher gang and Izzy Burgwin for inspiring us to no end, Sam Pike who is basically a member of Stick and Poke now, any one of the amazing promoters we've had the privilege of meeting, anyone who has ever booked us a show or helped us book a show and our spectacular fans, whether you're from tumblr or have seen us at shows or attempted to communicate with our awkward selves, we graciously thank you.

Lauren: I would like to thank Alison Soldink for endless reasons, my wonderful parents for supporting me without question, Jenny Chen for listening and understanding the insanity that is my mind, Melissa Rebelo for creating a safe, amazingly awesome space for me to flourish in and of course, Nolan Ephgrave for being a huge pain in the butt, but always providing me with comfort and always encouraging me to simply enough, be myself.

Alison: I would like to thank my parents for their tireless love and support, Lauren Boyko for being in a band with me and putting up with me for all these years, Jess Montebello at Thigh High Clubhouse, Caela Butt and Declan Proctor at the Arcade, and Siesta Nouveaux for giving us places to play and putting on shows, Jon Creeden, Jesse LeBourdais, Tale-Teller Heart and anyone else we have shared the stage with for being fantastic musicians and friends. And lastly but certainly not least, anyone who has ever come to see us play, made/and or bought merch from us or has hung out and played Magic with us. Thanks for bearing with us for the past three and a half years.

We love you all, from the bottoms of our tiny little awkward hearts.


released June 23, 2014

Stick and Poke is:
Alison Soldink: Guitar, vocals
Lauren Boyko: Ukulele, vocals

Additional credits:
Violin on Teeth on a String, Poe, Distance, Lost at Sea - Alison Soldink
Banjo on Creature - Lauren Boyko
Mandolin on I Don't Like Love Songs and Crooked Room - Sam Pike
Banjo on Poison - Sam Pike

Cover art/design by Lauren Boyko
All songs written by Alison Soldink and Lauren Boyko

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam Pike at Fish Spike Studios



all rights reserved


Stick and Poke Vancouver, British Columbia

Stick and Poke is a witchy west coast folk duo currently creating out of Vancouver, BC & Toronto, ON.

For booking info please see the 'about' section on our facebook page.

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Track Name: Teeth On A String
Little Fox Girl you are small and fair
Racing through the forest with your thin tangled hair
The forest where you dwell protecting you from harm
Away from mischief trouble but not immune to dark charm

Because in the forest there shadows a beast
Dark, handsome, delirious to say in the least
Through the mist to meet her he comes from the dark
Quite ready to steal that little foxes heart

Now I'm screaming bloody murder how did I get myself into this mess?
I will rip my teeth out one by one and sew them onto my dress x2

Curiosity killed the cat a wise owl once said
When the cat turned around she ended up dead
Eaten by the wolf her body's now gone
Just looking to impress, oh where did she go wrong?

Well that stupid Fox Girl she could not resist a look
The price that she paid was her sanity he took
With his back turned away his views are hazy
Calling her insane when it's he who drives her crazy!


With an expected twist in fate he spits out the cat
For his fox lady friend he'd do much more than that
He pulls his teeth out and places them on a string
Places them in her hand and says 'Remember me when you sing'

Chords (Capo 2):

Verse 1: Am F C
Verse 2: Am G F Am Am G F C
Chorus: Am C G F C G
Verses 3+4: Am F C G, end on F
Track Name: Distance
It’s been so long since I saw you last
I can’t remember what you look like anymore
And when I look at pictures of you
It feels like I’ve never met you before

And I know in my heart it’s real
But I still can’t help but feel
Like you and me is nothing but a dream
But with all this time away
The memories steadily fade
Until the thought of us seems wholly make-believe
I guess this is what it’s like to really miss someone

It’s been so long since I saw you last
I can’t remember what you sound like anymore
And when I call you on the telephone
Your voice sounds different from the way it was before


It’s been so long since I saw you last
I can’t remember what you feel like anymore
And when I compromise by hugging myself
Your absence resonates too loud to be ignored

I guess this is what it’s like to really miss someone x4

Chords (Capo 2):

Verses: C Am F C
Choruses: Am F C Am F C Am F C G
Track Name: Poison
You and I we've been through this about a hundred times before
But we'll make it through the night, and make it to the west coast shore
Singing on the streets we dream of Vancouver nights
A dark sky filled with stars being a raccoon's delight


I’ll live savage and free and reckless and wild
I don’t need anybody I'm a forest child
I'll trace my casting circles in the mud
Cause something's boiling, in my blood

Forever hitching rides with strangers in old dusty cars
Playing music for new friends on your half sized guitar
I will never let you down, if you don’t ever let me go
I know you want to give me space, so I have some time to grow


Well this poison in my blood its seeping deep out of my veins
racing straight to my heart causing pain that will remain
but this red string in my hands, a spell i must've cast
I know will follow back to you in our story that will last

Chorus x2

Chords (Capo 2):

Verses: C G Am F
Lead in to chorus: Am C G
Choruses: C G Am F
Track Name: Poe
Little Marshall enjoyed the woods
He'd stay out all night if he could
But with his mom yelling 'go to bed'
He could only dream about the forest in his head

Then one night Marshall stayed up late
Ignoring his mothers cries of hate
He ran from is house into the deep
Forest, unknowing what in the darkness creeped

Faster and faster he ran through the woods
Far from his home, away from where he should
Be, the night is too dark for a child
Too cold, too black, too grim and too wild

Marshall spotted a tree, it was black and tall
but underneath it there was a beast that was, calling out
what a bloodthirsty shriek
it sprung and chased poor Marshall into the deep

As Marshall was running he wondered why
He had left his house, he was sure to die!
In the forest, a cabin, there was still hope
Glob had finally thrown little Marshall a rope


A man in the cabin let Marshall in
He slammed the door with a toothy grin
With the beast outdoors and the man inside
There was plainly no place for Marshall to hide

Marshall came to see he had lost the chase
The man grabbed his arm with a forceful embrace
That was it for poor Marshall there was no way out
He opened his mouth but he could not shout!

The beast crashed through the window mangling the man
Marshall fell to the floor, releasing his hand
Marshall saw in the light, the beast was little dog Poe
His trusty black lab had vanquished his foe!

With the moon down low and the sun rising up
What a frightful night he had endured with his pup
They trotted side by side out of the woods
Trailing behind them a puddle of the man's bloooooood

Chords (Capo 2):
Intro: Dm F Dm A Dm F Dm A
Verses: Dm F Dm Dm A Dm Dm F Dm Dm G A
Pre-Choruses: Bb A Bb A Bb A
Choruses: Dm F Dm Dm A Dm Dm F Dm Dm G A
Track Name: Youth Crew
Hey you, dude standing outside the venue
Asking everyone if they're straight edge
If they say yes you will offer your hand
But if they say no, you tell them to 'learn the truth'

But its up to them, what they do with their lives
If they like to drink, well that's just fine
Who the fuck are you to tell them what's right?
What happened to the freedom to choose?

So fuck your conversions
Fuck all your rules
And treating non-edgers as if they were fools
People like you give straight edge a bad name
Persecuting those who don't feel the same

Well its true that I am straight edge myself
But that's because it works for me
I don't give a fuck how you enjoy yourself
Just don't fucking judge cause I'm clean

Even though I live the same way
I wont perpetuate your stupid clichés
Did you forget why we're all even here?
It's about the music, not the fucking beer

So fuck your conventions
Fuck all your rules
Those X's on your hands make you look like a tool
I may be straight edge myself but I just gotta to say
Fascist elitism is never okay
Yeah, fascist elitism is never okay


Intro: G D C Em G D G
Verse 1: G D C Em
Verse 2: Em C G D
Chorus: G D C D
Verse 3: G D C Em
Verse 4: Em C G D
Chorus: G D C D, end on G
Track Name: I Don't Like Love Songs, But I Like You
You asked me to write you a song, but I can't do it
I know it's just a couple of lines, but I still can't get through it
Cuz when I'm happy, I can never find the time
And there's just something about being angry that lends itself so well to rhyme

Cuz it's infinitely easier to list the things I hate, than to think about the world another way
To sit and to pontificate about all the things I love just seems real sappy, and generally lame
But for you I guess I'll try to make a list of things I like, and maybe I can finally feel okay
Cuz I know right now you'd be in among my top three, cuz you can actually make me wanna write today

Thank you for actually making me wanna write today

Chords (Capo 3):

Verse 1: G C D
Verse 2: Em G C D
Chorus: C/G G C D C/G G Em D C/G G Em D C/G G C D
Track Name: Time
Oh, lately I've been trying so damn hard to get away
Because living in this city makes me weaker every day
Being constantly surrounded by people, noise and cars
Makes me hunger for a field beneath a big expanse of stars

And I told myself I'd be just fine in the days before you left
But reality is sinking in and now I feel bereft
Of a reason to think anything will ever be worthwhile
So I'm hoping someday soon I'll find my own reason to smile

Cuz sometimes I get so sad I wish my tears would turn to rain
And that the storm that I've created comes to wash us all away
Leveling the city, 'til there's nothing left but seeds
From which will sprout a forest, oh, the perfect place for me

And baby, we've got time
Oh, you know, we've got the rest of our lives
And baby, we've got time
If we want to

And I know that it's unhealthy to stay cooped up in my room
And I know that you don't mean it when you say that we'll talk soon
But that's okay, cuz life is long
And until that time I will stay strong

Well but some days are worse than others, and I'll readily admit
That despite moments of clarity, I often feel like shit
Like right now I feel okay enough to write these stupid lines
But goddammit if I don't just get so lonely sometimes



Verses 1-4: C G Am F
Verse 5: C G Am F C G Am F C G Am F C G F G
Choruses: C G Am F
Track Name: Crooked Room
Oh I, I dream of a room
In a crooked little house
Under the crooked little moon
Where I can spend my time

With books on every wall
And a plant in every window
To remind me of what I love
And the places in which I can find it

Cuz this city may be big, but the people here are small
And they often choose to waste their lives doing nothing at all
And you know, it makes me sick

I long for a place far away from these spaces
Filled with empty, vacuous souls
I want you to take me away to this crooked room and stay
Until the weather doesn't seem so cold

Well you, you found me
In a sad and lonely state
And I know you just couldn't wait
To show me all I was missing

But then, you had to go
Two provinces away
To a crooked room of your own
And that's just how it is


Well I suppose, well I suppose it's just as well
That I'm living my life all alone
Cuz I, well I could never really tell
If you ever thought of my life, or just your own


Chorus (second time):
Well I long for a place far away from these spaces
Filled with empty, vacuous souls
But I must also get away from your crooked mind and stay
At a distance if I ever want to grow

Chords (Capo 3):

Intro: Dm Am E G Dm Am E E7
Verses: Dm Am E G Dm Am E E7
Pre-Chorus + Chorus: F C E Am E F C E Am E F C E E7
Bridge: F C E Am E F G F C E E7
Outro: Dm Am E Am
Track Name: Creature
I fooound/ you deeeep
Insiiiide/ my boodyyy
You carryyyy/ meee
When aiiiiid/ I neeeeed

Chorus: ohhhhhh you're my vampiric cosmic creature x2

I would feeed/ yooou
The bloood/ from my nooose bleeds
I would leeet/ you fly freeee
Cause I knooow/ you would come back to me


//My nooooose/ bleeeeds
//a looot/ cause of stress

But I knooow/ you'd never make me pull my teeth out and sew them on my dress


Chords (Capo 3):

Intro: G C G G C G C G C G Em G

Verse 1: G Em
Chorus: G D Em C
Verse 2: G Em C G Em G Em C G Em
Bridge: G Em C G Em G Em C
Track Name: Lost At Sea
I wanna be an anchor but I feel like the wind
Always strong when unneeded but deceptively thin
And if I am the wind, then you are the sails
Directing me and helping me when all my strength fails

So we’ll set out together and battle the storm
With the love in our hearts to keep ourselves warm
And we’ll all brave the weather, no matter the tides
Cuz I’ll always be your anchor if you stay by my side

I wanna be a rock but I feel like a cloud
With my feet in the air when they should be on the ground
And if I am a cloud, then you are the sun
Shining light on the darkness, even when the day is done


And I wanna make you better but I know that I can’t
So I’ll sit here and remind you that I’ll always be your friend
And if the waves get too rough, you can call out my name
And I’ll tell you that I love you and give you shelter from the rain


And I’ll always be your anchor if you stay by my side x3


Intro: Bm G Bm
Verses: Bm G Bm G A Bm
Choruses: G A Bm
End on D