Never Going Back

by Stick and Poke

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The Ovreview
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The Ovreview Crusty innocence. Canned youth with a twang. Celestial Appalachian indie unclothed. Them harmonies tho!
- Favorite track: Summer.
presto2112 thumbnail
presto2112 Found Stick and Poke thru Days n Daze and have become seriously addicted. In Motion was a song I already loved, but this version is beyond beautiful and amazing. A daily listen for me. Favorite track: In Motion.
kipling93 thumbnail
kipling93 Such a lovely album, beautiful harmonies. A great job, super happy to have this in my collection. :D can't wait for the next album <3 Favorite track: I Don't Even Smoke.
Jack Egleton
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Jack Egleton An amazing new album from my favourite band! Great lyrics and vocals, fantastic music as always! Highly recommend :) Favorite track: Summer.
KG thumbnail
KG Emotional, well written bluegrassy folk-punk. This album is amazing. Favorite track: Giving Up On You.
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Never Going Back is a compilation of stories about true love, emotional loss, abuse with non-linear healing, and magical friendships with added elements of nature, fantasy and witchcraft. These songs were slowly written throughout the past two years, mostly in the cold winter months & recorded over the past six months with our dear friend Dock. Thank you all so much for your patience and support while we have grown and changed and explored together over the years; we're so excited to finally share this with y'all!

Stay cozy pals,

Lauren & Al


released December 4, 2016

Stick and Poke is:
Al Soldink: Guitar, vocals
Lauren Boyko: Ukulele, vocals

Additional credits:
Violin on Summer, Counting, Weary Traveller, Remember Me When You Sing, Whiskey Tears & In Motion- Al Soldink
Banjo on Not This Day - Al Soldink

Cover art/design by Lauren Boyko
All songs written by Al Soldink and Lauren Boyko

Recorded by Docky Duncan
Mixed and mastered by Preston Lobzun

Weary Traveller recorded by Jesse LeBourdais



all rights reserved


Stick and Poke Vancouver, British Columbia

Stick and Poke is a witchy west coast folk duo currently creating out of Vancouver, BC & Toronto, ON.

For booking info please see the 'about' section on our facebook page.

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Track Name: Weary Traveller
Oh, darling, if I take your hand
Will we travel far out West, far across the land
Cuz anywhere is home with you
I'll keep on going til the air is new

It's the land and trees I desire
Smoke leaks from your mouth, cuz your heart is on fire
But your travelling song is not like mine
Our paths are different but we'll meet up in time

Cuz I'm a weary traveller, you're an aimless wanderer
I'm cautious and I'm wary, you're reckless and you're fairly
Impulsive and unruly, we're bound to meet up surely in due time
Our stories are forever entwined

My babe's got green-brown eyes
But who can keep track, cuz they're changing all the time
My eyes are as blue as the sea
We'll keep on running 'til we're as far as can be


As you head down south I'll go east
We'll follow our hearts cuz we're both at peace
But I know it's not our fate
To suffer through a good old fashioned heartbreak

Chorus x2

Capo 3

Verses: C F Am G F G
Choruses: C F Am F C F Am F C F Am F G F
Track Name: Giving Up On You
I hate that stupid deck of Magic cards, you never let me play
Your obsession with wolves it's out of control and by the way
You're still as self-absorbed as you've always been
For a vegan, you sure got a lot of raccoon skin

And darlin', I've said this 'bout a thousand times before, woah

What's gonna happen when all your plans fall through
Once you've hurt all your friends and there's no one to turn to
Still gonna keep tryna find someone new
Let's just say this is me giving up on you

You're a cis hetero white male who thinks he's all that
Well you can take your fucking privilege and shove it up your ass
Your shitty folk band can't compare to mine <3
Drink your worries away with your homemade moonshine

And darlin', I've said this 'bout a thousand times before, woah


I think it's time for you and me to soon part ways
And don't come crawling back to me when you need a place to stay... in Vancouver!


Capo 3

Verses: Am F C G
"Darlin'...": Am F D
Choruses: C G Am F
Track Name: Summer
It's been a cold, dark winter
Being awake's become so hard
The only thing that's keeping me together
Is the thought that spring is soon to start

We're gonna walk these roads again
Just like the way we did back then
All I need is the sunlight, and your hand
I hope the summer never ends

Warm nights a sleeping with the trees
With nothing but moonlight to guide our feet
Beaten trails won't make us feel alone
In a place like this, we can rest our weary bones


I wanna start forgetting the people who brought me down before
And stop regretting not having them in my life anymore
So let's get to setting off on the road to somewhere new
Just me and you

Chorus x2

Capo 4

Verses: C F
Choruses: C F C F C F C Am F G C
Bridge: F C G
Track Name: Community
We grew up in Toronto and now we're far away
Keeping cozy in the west, still waiting for the day
That we don't have to write call-out posts about how we've been abused
Why is it so hard to love someone and not be used

There are pockets of community, but all in all it's shit
It took a while to realize that we don't really fit
Into this great big city, where we feel so alone
So we set off for the ocean to find a place to call our own

We'll find a little mountain and we'll climb right to the top
We'll grow our own vegetables and there won't be any cops
We'll build a little cabin and we'll live with all our friends
We'll make our own community and our hearts soon will mend

There isn't any snow, but instead it rains all day
The winters aren't as cold, but the sky is often grey
Reality is bittersweet and it tends to bring us down
But it helps to know when times are tough, there's friendship to be found

We'll sing about our dreams, in the hopes that they'll come true
And even if they don't there will still be me and you
So we'll take off to our mountaintop and leave this all behind
Let the moonbeams clear our clouded thoughts and cleanse our weary minds


And we're never going back
No, we're never going back
Cuz when we work together there is nothing we can't do
No, we're never going back


Capo 4

Verses: D A Bm G
Choruses: Bm G D A
"And we're never...": Bm A D Bm A D Bm A D G Bm A D
Track Name: I Don't Even Smoke
I was pretty bad for you and you were really bad for me
And sure it took some time for us to realize cold reality
I'm gonna head outside cuz I just might pass out
There's no room for me to think in the crowded little house, and I can't handle

Oh, my God, not another awkward encounter
Oh, my God, my anxieties are in the gutter
Oh, my God, I think I need another cigarette
I think I need another cigarette

What you never understood was that my heart was somewhere far
Away through the woods and over the plains, where my family members are
But you'll never understand because that bridge was burnt up fast
It's claustrophobic in this room and I don't wanna pass, by you


Now I know I'll see you at shows, and I hate the goddamn fact
It'll be so awkward that I'll wish I had stayed home and napped
I feel a fever coming on, I'm more comfortable on my own
And I wouldn't have come out if I had known

Capo 2

Verses: C F Am G
Choruses: C F G F C F G F C F Am G F
Bridge: Am F C G
Track Name: Not This Day
Oh my sweet baby he is howling at the door
He's howling at the door to let him out
But I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna let him go
I will never let him go, cause he's been such a bad, bad boy

He sits there while his mama struggles with a fever
She can't sweat out
And all she wanted was for him to come see her
And clear away all her doubts

Oh my darling, I haven't seen you in so long
Can't believe it's been so long since I've seen your face
But I can't wait till I rise with the sun
When I rise with the sun I'll be on my way

We've spent the last six years living in different cities
But not once have we strayed
And I love that whenever we're together
All the distance between us melts away

Well I've got to go and I'm not looking back
Cause I can't stand it round here anymore
Well it's time to fly time to hit that cold wet road
To a place where I can start over

I'm going off now on my own and I know that I'll miss you
But I told you I just cant stay
And one day I'll be back and I'll make a point to visit
But that day is not this day

Oh that day is not this day
That day is not this day
I'll see you some day
I'll try to see you again someday

Capo 3
G Em G Em G Em/G Em G Em G D Em
C G D Em
Track Name: Remember Me When You Sing
"Remember me when you sing," the wolf did say
But she keeps her distance in the mountains far away
She's healing in the trees and keeping to herself
Just another sob story book for the shelves

And she tries to forget and put the past behind
But these old crass memories keep on creeping into her mind
He tells her she was wrong and should just keep quiet
But it's only so long that she can stay silent

Well the season, it grows warmer, and the ice has turned to mud
And the earth is filled with green, but will soon by filled with blood
She'll take back what was stolen from inside her little heart
From her mind and from her body, she'll tear him apart

She'll watch him burn, burn, burn, burn, burn to the ground
Burn, burn, burn, to the ground x2

Free to speak her story to her family and friends
There doesn't seem a way for the old wolf to make amends
He'll be driven from the forest, oh so far away
Just like a poison being drawn from a vein

But she keeps these teeth around her neck to remind her of the past
Of a spell that went so wrong, one that she wish she'd never cast
She wished she had hexed the ground where he stood
Cuz she'll never get back the time that he took


She tried so hard and gave him everything she had
How did it turn out so terribly bad
It's time for him to retreat to the mist
He changed her into the creature she is


Capo 1

Verses: Em C G
Choruses: Em C G D
Track Name: Running
Conversations, running wild through my mind
Am I coming off unkind, or is it just in my head?
Loneliness, rushing in just like the tide
I need some time to unwind, but not enough to bring me back to where I was

But I can see it still, I swear that I can see it still

But you can't change the way the wind blows through the trees
And how with it we scatter, through the world like autumn leaves
But if you stay close to me
I swear that I will always keep the engine running

There was a time when we were all the best of friends
We had no need to pretend, but it's not like that now
Cutting ties, I never meant to see it end
But it was too hard to spend so much time trying to fit into a lie

But I can see it still, I swear sometimes I want it still


I am looking back on the lives that we lived then
How did we lose track of how it felt to still be friends
Oh please take me back to the carefree days of summer
Before we learned that distance signified the beginning of the end

Chorus x2

Verses: G C G C G Em D
"But I can...": Em D C Em D
Choruses: C G D Em
Track Name: Counting
Do you remember when you were here, and I saw you almost every day
It was so nice to meet someone who understands my awkward ways
But you were gone much too soon, and I hope that you don't mind
Cuz all I wanna do right now is see your deep brown eyes

I wanna breathe you in, I wanna take your hand
I wanna show you all the places that you've never been
Cuz everywhere I go, the wind it whispers your name
And I'm counting down the days 'til I can see you again

I miss your cute little smile, and braiding your hair
I miss the feeling of your body, when you sleep beside me in bed
How did this happen so fast, in such little time
I was just going on my way, and now you've occupied my mind


I hated the day I had to leave you under a blue, cloudless sky
And that little black dress you wore, it brought tears to my eyes
But life is long and I know, this won't be the last time
Because the weeks I've spent with you have been the best of my life


Capo 2

Verses/Choruses: C G Am F
Bridge: F C G